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I've put onto this page a few direct links to galleries that have generated a lot of  interest.  You can find other galleries through the main navigation page -- click the  "browse" link to the left.  You can also try the "search" link . .  but most individual pictures are not identified, just gallery titles. 

Most images are for sale.   Common print sizes and types are available through the Shopping Cart.   Please  contact me (through the "contact me" link to the left) for fine art prints, CD's, digital downloads,  or other products, or with any questions.

Berkshire Coaching Weekend 2016 

Sampling of pictures available here -- three galleries, one for each day.


2016 Berkshire Humane Society Horse Show

Pictures are up here!

Overmeade Spring Show, May 29, 2016

Selected images from tihis show are available here.   If you want to see more of individual competitors, contact me for details.

 Hunter-Jumper Shows Through 2015

Have Been Archived

All images for these shows (including spring WNEPHA  shows at Overmeade Farm and WNEPHA Berkshire Humane Society shows) have been archived.    Contact me if you want to  arrange access to these galleries.

Lenox Tub Parade 2015

Pictures from the 2015 Lenox Tub Parade

(Sept. 12, 2015) can be found here.    

Lorenzo Driving Competition -- 2015

A selection of pictures is up here.

Old Sturbridge Village Antique Sleigh Rally Feb 21 2015

Pictures are now posted here.   More available  --  contact me if interested in a gallery of a specific turnout.

Colonial Carriage Sleigh Rally, January 18, 2015

Snow and sleet did not diminish the spirits of exhibitors, and made for some interesting images.    Pictures here . .

Berkshire Coaching Weekend 2014

A sampling of pictures is posted here.  Exhibitors (or others) interested in a more comprehensive gallery of their own pictures may contact me.

Lenox Tub Parade 2014

A selection of pictures from the parade itself, and from the return to the Shakespeare site and the cones course,


Old Sturbridge Village

Antique Carriage Rally

June 8, 2014

 Winter Wonderland Sleigh Rally

Hosted by Granby Regional Horse Council and Mountain View Training Center

South Hadley, MA,  February 15, 2014

Lenox Tub Parade

Lenox, MA

Colonial Carriage and Driving Society

September 21, 2013
Princess of Sylmar overtakes the field at the top of the stretch in the Alabama, at Saratoga Race Course, 8/17/2013.
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