On June 8, 2014, visitors to Old Sturbridge Village were delighted to view a number of antique carriages, with whips and passengers in period turnout, driving through the beautiful central area of the village.   It was a special event in a spectacular setting!

This gallery contains a sampling of images from this event.   Prints are available for purchase, as are CD's and digital files. You can order prints directly through the "Buy" button to the lower right of the individual images. If you would rather that I handled the order directly, or if you're interested in print sizes not available through the automated system, or if for any reason you can't make the system do what you want, or have any questions, please email me using the "contact me" link to the far left.

IMPORTANT NOTE -- Purchased prints may not be reproduced and may not be scanned for online posting. See "info about ordering" link on left for more detail.

If you are interested in CD's or digital files, use the Contact Me link for details.  Pricing is dependent on the number of images and the desired resolution. 

And as some of you know, I also make (and exhibit) "fine art" prints. They differ from the normal prints in that they are custom printed by me on more elegantr paper (usually rag). The prints have a richer look, and can be matted and framed or not.  They are more expensive.   Please inquire if interested (Contact Me link to left) in these or anything else (Canvas Prints, mugs, t-shirts etc.).

This gallery will be up for at least sixty days, but may be archived at any time after that.

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