Additional Information About Print and Digital Orders


IMPORTANT NOTE -- Effective June 2018, I‘m not using onsite Shopping Cart ordering for new events (it’ll be easier for all of us!).  So order directly through me by using the Contact Me links (or email directly) . .  .   I'll also answer any questions and address special requests.

Digital Files

Individual Digital Files  --  I can provide a digital file for any image.   Because of the limitations of this site, you should contact me directly about this option.   If you buy a the digital image itself (it will be the full original resolution) you will have the (non-exclusive) right to print the image or otherwise reproduce it as many times as you like, as long as the photographer's credit appears on every copy.

Digital files licensed for personal use are $50  each, but will cost less if you buy more.  (Licenses for commercial use are also available by individual arrangement).

Alternately, I can provide a Facebook-suitable file (much lower resolution) for a lower cost along with a print purchase.CD or Thumb Drive. 

 Before you buy too many digital files, consider a CD with a group of images on it; it may well cost less.

Some other common questions:

1. Paper surface  -  It's really a matter of personal choice. For instance, some people love metallic, and some hate it. If you really don't know, or just don't want to think about it, choose lustre.

2.  Watermarks -- Most of the images as you see them on this site have two "watermarks" -- one is in the middle, more or less, and the other is in a corner.   The central watermark will be removed from purchased images . .  but the one in the corner will not (except for prints 8x12 or larger).

3. Cropping (pertinent only to online orders of older work)  -   You can crop to fit the image to the paper size you choose . . or not crop, and pick a paper size that's reasonably close in proportions to the image.   This second option will leave white borders on two sides of the print.       Unless you really like a particular crop, consider the second choice before deciding to crop; I offer several rectangular sizes, and several square sizes.

4.  No Reproduction of Purchased Prints-- You are buying the print, not the image. You don't have the right to scan it and post it, or to copy it.   As an alternative, if you want multiple copies of the same image and size  (more than two), Contact Me and I'll work out a discount, or you could consider buying the digital file (see below).

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